Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yard Sale Pet Peeves

I was reading an article online recently about yardsales and one of the tips that someone commented was that the best way to price stuff is to make a chart with different colored stickers, so that a blue stickers means that its .50, a yellow sticker means its a $1 and so on. a buyer, I hate that (and don't think I would like totalling up purchases being a seller. I'd be like....oh I forgot is the light yellow .50 or is the slightly darker yellow .50? It would drive me nuts. I saw it being done today. Why would I want to look at a chart to find out how much something costs? If something is .50, write .50 with a sharpie on the sticker. Or buy the pre-printed stickers.

Barack Obama used inaugural souvenirs are starting to show up at yardsales. And today was the second time I've seen the Aquaglobes. Didn't buy either. Will show what I bought this weekend later sometime.


Friday night I had to return some PS3 games to the library (yes, our library loans out Playstation 3 games for free - isn't America great!) and the Parks & Recs department was sponsoring a car show in the parking lot. Just look at that car - isn't it amazing!! And just look at that awesome color. We are looking at the same car, right? That super roomy beautiful Mazda MPV that is in the back, next to some other cars.

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Jamie said...

I hate those silly price keys, too. How difficult is it to write the price on the round colored sticker with a pen or marker?