Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hank Williams Jr. Concert (and a craft idea)

The concert last night was good - and very busy from a bartender's perspective. I know there are lots of people are waking up to hangovers this morning.

Next time I need to get there earlier for the free pre-show dinner. I missed out on my shrimp salad wrap and had to settle for a turkey wrap. boo-hoo for me.

They had a photo line and got to get very close - touchable close. The sound overwhelmed the little microphone on my cybershot so the videos I took are very distorted sounding. (wasn't like that at all during the show).

He seemed to really be enjoying himself on stage. He is a man of many hats - literally. He was always changing hats.

Speaking of hats, here is a hat I spotted during a break from my bartending duties. (Also towards the end of the show, somehow (haha) I ended up in the photo line and Security had stopped ushering people through. So I was forced to stand there at least a good 20 minutes standing next to the stage within touching distance of Hank. It was wall to wall people so I couldn't move.

Anyhow, here's the craft related hat. Perfect for anyone to wear from age 8 to 80. Step 1. Get an empty beer box. Step 2. Place it on your head. Step 3. Enjoy. Sorry for the blurry pic but you get the idea. The funny thing is, we don't sell Bud Light at the concert so this patron of the arts wore it specifically to the show.

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