Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pseudo Slots Playing - Lucky Dawg

I went and renewed my driver's license today since it expires tomorrow. So the DMV is only about 10 miles away from another thrift that I like so I stopped and and spent $7. Will post later a pic of the vase I got.

So then the thrift isn't far from the pseudo-slot non-gambling place. And I had with me my birthday card from them for a free $20 in slot place. So since my gambling motto is "Don't be afraid to walk away a winner" - I cashed out at $28.95. A free $28.95 never hurts.

1 comment:

zakary said...

I went to Goodwill tonight and I thought of you. I scored some Avon vintage bottles for $1.59 that I'm going to eBay.

Well done with the pseudo gambling too!