Monday, May 11, 2009

Yard Sale Shopping

On Saturday, I started off at a church yardsale/plant sale that started at 6:30 a.m. They also had a raffle drawing, I bought $5 worth of tickets.

After that I went to another church yardsale (less than a mile from the first) and then to individual yardsales. I usually just stay within a 5 mile radius of my house. (I was home by 10:30am.)

I remembered seeing a sign that the expensive waterfront retirement/senior citizen community was having a Book Fair and Bake Sale. They used to have a big yardsale this same weekend in May every year but did away with it since it was too much work for them to store the possessions (when someone there dies, they would keep the leftover possessions until the annual yardsale in May). Now they do mini unadvertised yardsales through out the year, so I will call and get the details about the unadvertised sales.

Well long story short, I get to the Book Fair but they said the doors wouldn't open until 10am on the dot (it was 9:55 a.m.) I overheard some residents talking and they said they sneaked in and saw some good cookbooks but they got kicked out until the official start time. I look around and realize that I'm the only one who is not a member of the AARP (even tho the sale is open to the public). I thought that was a little odd but I'm thinking - woo-hoo - I'll clean up finding all the old collectible books.

At 10am, they open the door, I push and shove my way in and get in front of the oldsters. (JUST KIDDING!!! do not send hate mail). And then what do I see? NEW stuff at new stuff prices! Accckkkk!!!! It suddenly dawned on me that the same kind of book fairs that travel around to schools for kids to buy stuff, also go to retirement communities.

The "younger" man in the pic was one of the book fair workers.

Despite the book fair snafu, it was a great yardsaling day for me. Here's what I got:

Bunch of clothes for Jacob (most from Children's Place and Old Navy)
and some still new with tag (the new blue camo shorts are from Lands End)
all were ONLY .25 each!

At another sale, the seller had new stuff (she worked at a grocery store and they were told they could have the clearanced stuff that didn't sell). paid .25 each (all unused)

And the rest of the stuff I bought. New Spongebob DVDs were just .50 and the most expensive thing in the pic was $1 (Pampered Chef thing, Obama audio book, old coffee tin) but everything else was .50 or cheaper. I bought a huge Happy 75th banner (.50) since in another 50 years or so, I plan on having a big blowout party for myself :) Not in picture - a gallon sized container of red daylillies for $3. Longaberger pitcher has a repaired handle (but it was only.50)

$1.50 storage rack and $2 Old Navy coat bought at Smile this week:

And remember I said I bought $5 worth of raffle tickets? Here's what I won, a Sonicare toothbrush - they said it was valued at $200 (but looking on ebay, they sell for about $100). I think I am going to keep it though.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You did great! That toothbrush was actually a product from BZZZ Agent. I know because I got one. It is about 2 years old and was, at one time, almost $200. KEEP IT! It is totally worth it! I love mine!!

Zakary said...

Nice! I would so love to go shopping with you!

sthrnfamily said...

Just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading your submissions. I too live in Lusby, MD! Just thought I would mention that you might need to be careful leaving the toothbrush plugged in for unsupervised. I believed a toothbrush similar to this one was the cause of a house fire in Lusby a couple of months ago.
Keep up the good work!