Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whiskey Dog Update

I took the Whiskey dog to the vets today - his first visit since 1998. Yep, I'm a bad mommy. But the thing is, the dog has been healthy as a horse over the past 10 years. I have kept up with his rabies, of course (free vaccine with donation thru the Humane Society).

Today's visit cost $100 to hear that at 14+ years old, he is getting old. He hasn't been eating much lately and sorta acting weird. But the $100 was well spent to give me some peace of mind (that nothing is obviously wrong). Whiskey has always been known as our "back-up" dog. Our first dog (as a family - and my first dog ever) was our beagle who was the best - he listened, didn't break the rules, understood English, never got picked up by Animal Control, never left the yard unattended, never dug holes under the fence, knew good places to poop in the yard (not like Whiskey who likes to poop in the direct center of the yard). However, Whiskey dog does have personality, and personality goes a long way (I like to quote from Pulp Fiction whenever possible).

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Otter Mom said...

Vets can be very expensive, $100 is not bad. Glad to hear that Whiskey doesn't have any serious issues to worry about. Old age can be coped with!