Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow - electricity = not good

It's a March winter wonderland here. I don't have a problem with snow + electricity. It's the snow minus electricity I don't like so much. I had just finished watching the Apprentice last night and was going to watch the late news to see the weather report. Then poof, darkness came.

Went to bed and woke up at 6am to DH banging on the front door (he worked last night). We don't use the front door - we use the garage entry. So when the power goes out, that tends to make the garage door opener not work. So that woke Jacob up too. But I managed to get him back to bed and me too since I figured what the heck, no reason to get up (except that I had a 10am phone interview with a national newsletter). By 10am the house was 55 degrees and I managed to get thru most of the interview but then I got distracted by Jacob and will have to finish the interview later.

I dug out my instant hand warmers (bought at the thrift of course) - the kind that heat up instantly when exposed to air.

It's funny (or frustrating) the way that my yardsale/ebay clutter affects almost everything. DH noticed that some of the other houses in the neighborhood had electricity so he wanted to look at our breaker box in the garage to see if was tripped. Well that means I have to move about 5 boxes of stuff to be able to get to the breaker box. (It didn't help, we were still without power.)

Then DH wanted me to find the Coleman lantern since he didn't know where it was. Miraculously I found it easily. Then I start thinking....if the power is going to be out for a long time, I better get the generator accessible. So....that means moving more of my stuff to gain access to the generator. Oye.

Thankfully we didn't need the generator. Power was restored around noon. Many thanks to Pike Electric who drove up from North Carolina to help us out here in Maryland. As I shoveled the driveway, I gave the Royal Wave to the workers as they drove by. I'm sure getting a wave from the YSQueen made their day. The Queen shoveling? Oh yes, the Queen doesn't just sit on her throne all day - she is not afraid to get her hands snowy. Doing physical labor keeps her grounded and prevents her from having a superiority complex.

So needless to say, I didn't go out shopping today. Four years ago today I did some shopping. It was a Wednesday and I was at VV. I had picked out two .35 tops (a brown sweater and a Wally World Theme Park t-shirt). I saw female priest in the store who seemed to be touring it (The VV thrift is a job training facility for the mentally challenged). And as I was standing in line to pay, I got a call from my mother on my cell. She never calls me on my cell.


zakary said...

Is that your dad? So sorry.

Chris said...

yes, that's my dad (wearing a ys womens gardening hat)

Elizabeth said...


I'm sorry that your dad died. Glad that he seemed to enjoy the thrifting bounty, though. I hope that you have lots of good memories.