Monday, March 30, 2009

Swimming in Scrubs.....

Yesterday I was on a message board (not the awesome Yardsalequeen Message Board, but a different one. ) And I saw where someone posted a link to a medical supply company that had an awesome deal or was a horrible mistake, depending on how you look at it. Order two or more sets of scrubs for .34 a set. So I ordered quite a few and put it on my credit card. But my card hasn't been charged yet. The email confirmation said that the ordering was still "processing". So.....either I'm about to get a TON of scrubs for $20 or else the company will just reject the order. They've since fixed the error so I'm not going to provide a link. The fine print on the online form says they are not responsible for typographical errors, so there is a good chance I won't be getting my dozens and dozens (haha) sets of scrubs. And in the slim chance I do get them, guess what I'll be selling on eBay for the next 10 years.

Speaking of ebay, I heard back from the seller who sent me the wrong PSP case. He's suggested a refund half or send me a the right colored one. So...I just emailed him back to ask if I get the right case, do I need to return the wrong case back to China. Otherwise half off of what I paid for it (.99) would be a a huge .50 refund. I doubt they would refund half of the shipping.

Here's a funny pic of the packaging that the case came in:

The case that at game machine is protected safety. I should submit to to the Engrish website, but it pales in comparison to the really funny translation errors they have.

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