Monday, March 16, 2009

Garage Sale Cow Goodies

I told you the other day I got a nice surprise box in the mail, well here it is. What you see on top is a big bunch of delicious cowtail candies made by Goetzes. You know the chewy caramel with the cream center. mmmmmmm...It's good to be queen.

The fine folks at Garage Sale Cow sent me the gift box chockful of cowtails PLUS several t-shirts, pens and stickers. Garage Sale Cow is a fairly new website - their purpose is to provide free garage sale ads.

They were so generous in sending several shirts, that I have at least one to give-away. (I have to save one for my mom - you know that Mother's Day is coming up...) I'll do a bloggy give-away for it, at a later day (probably mid-April) - I have too much stuff going on in the next few weeks to do it now.

And here they are on Youtube (cracked me up when the cow checked his (her?) reflection in the mirror)


Kimberly said...

How fun is that! So cool.. Those candies are tasty too!

Anonymous said...

You really had me guessing what the Moooo thing was. How neat you got such a cool stash of free stuff. Susan C.

Anonymous said...

I emailed them asking if they would bring their cow mascot to my yard sale and THEY ACTUALLY DID! I love those people they are so nice, especially the tall one.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

A garage sale cow? I would be in heaven!! Two of my favorite things!

You lucky duck...cow tails are yummy!!