Sunday, March 01, 2009

I heart 90% off Valentines

Yesterday when I was out shopping with Jacob, I stopped by CVS to see if their Valentine's Day stuff was 90% off or not. It wasn't, but I let Jacob get yet another plastic purse of gumballs for .74. When I mentioned to the clerk that I was hoping it was 90% off, she whispered that it would go to 90% off today.

This afternoon I went back to CVS and bought the above stuff for $4.65 They still had a ton of Russell Stover, Whitman and Hershey Valentines but I didn't buy any of those. I bought a bunch of Russell Stover candy at Christmas and I'm pretty sick of it. As far as chocolate goes, I only bought two small tins of Mrs. Fields chocolates. The total came to $4.65. I bought:

3-D Spongebob Valentines .29 - for Jacob's class next year
3 Spongebob hearts full of Krabby Patties .69 each for Jacob
2 packages of Hallmark Valentines cards .49 each - for Jacob's teachers next year
2 Mrs. Fields mini chocolates .23 each (me - haha)
2 more hearts full of gumballs .29 each (the last 2 the store had) for Jacob

Then I popped into Food Lion to buy a few things. It had started snowing so the store was a little more crowded than normal. Normal southern Maryland mass hysteria because of the snow. I only had 5 items so I went to the 14 items or less lane (this store doesn't have any self-checkouts) and got behind a woman customer that had a CARTFULL of stuff. There was something really scary about the woman. On the outside, she looked like a normal woman (with a ginormous butt) but something was really off with her. When it came time the pay, the woman handed the cashier her driver's license. Then proceeded to hand the cashier other miscellaneous cards. The cashier finally asked her if she was going to pay and the woman angrily said "Do you want to call my husband or my father?" The poor cashier, some young 16 year old didn't know what to make out of the situation, so I told her she should call a Manager. The woman then said to the cashier "I'm not going to pay a dime for any of this". It was like she was trying to be confrontational with everyone (including me). Then the woman stood there and got on her cellphone and called someone while still standing by the checkout with the unbagged food.

There's more to the story but it was all just a really bizarre experience. I told the people behind me in line that if they see the woman following me out of the store to call the Police. Then in a different parking lot today I saw a car accidentally try to drive over a big curb and got stuck. The driver thought they could drive straight thru, but didn't see there was a curb there. Then when I was on my way home, I saw where a car had run off the road and then partially down into a steep hill - but had gotten stopped by a tree. Cars were stopped, but police hadn't yet arrived. And since they were going downhill at the time, I'm sure the car was damaged and the driver probably hurt. So maybe being delayed by that woman in the grocery store was probably a good thing.

Well like I said, it's snowing here. Supposed to get the most snow we've had all winter. So since there is more than one snowflake in the roadway, I sense that schools will be closed tomorrow. So overall, I am glad I was able to get my clearance Valentines Day shopping done today. I also popped into Walgreen's today to see if their Valentine's stuff was 90% off and I think they may have gotten rid of it all since I couldn't find anything Valentine's Day related.

Yea - it's Amazing Race night and the start of the Apprentice.

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