Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bought gas at $1.43 today

Last summer if you had told me I'd be able to someday buy gas again at $1.43 a gallon, I would have told you that you were crazy. Well that is what I paid today. One of my grocery stores opened up a gas station so for the grand opening for the gas station you got .20 off per gallon for every $100 you spent in the past month and a half at the grocery store. So I got .40 off since I barely spent $200. The points are going to be re-set on Thursday so I didn't want to wait until the last minute. Then starting Thursday they are only going to give you .10 off per $100 spent.

We got Jacob his new PSP for his birthday (next week). It was $169 at Play N Trade (didn't buy the bundle pack), and I had about a $150 credit from turning in old games. I was going to have a cool pic to put on the blog to show it but somehow the camera messed up (it couldn't have been operator error) so I don't have the pic (maybe later). DH is charging it up and loading the games so it will be ready to play when he "opens" it.

I was taking all my pics off my cellphone and came across this pic that I took at one of my thrifts a few weeks ago:

It's a framed embroidered wall hanging "I sew my name with a humble hand - Mary 1846" How cool. It was priced at only $6.00 Would you have bought it?

Well.....I turned it over and found:

A $4.99 Ross sticker on it.


Shara said...

Don't you think it was just the frame from the store? The sewing looks very dated and very old.

zakary said...

I would have not have bought it because I could go in my Mom's basement and found something just like it for free. LOL!