Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shoppers Food Warehouse

I hadn't planned on doing grocery shopping today but ended up going because I saw an ad in the newspaper today saying that Shoppers Food Warehouse was doubling $1 coupons (so a $1 coupon was worth $2) and the ad had a coupon for a free box of cereal (your choice).

So I gathered up my coupons and hit the store. Before coupons my total was $157.82 and after coupons I ended up paying $59.16

I didn't feel like making a big display of the stuff I got, but basically I got stuff like: Stouffers, gum, yogurt, chocolate milk, TP, cheese, rice, granola bars etc.

Yardsales today weren't very good. The season is starting off very slowly. There were 2 in my area, both held indoors (they weren't estate sales, and they weren't garage sales, but a yardsale held indoors. I prefer regular ole outdoor yardsales. Didn't buy anything worth talking about here.

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