Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kmart Double Coupons Again

I saw that my junky K-mart was having the double $2 coupons this week so I gathered up a bunch of coupons and went today. I say "junky" K-mart because there are two in my area. One that seems ok - at least it is clean and bright. And the other which is in a 70's time-warp. Of course, only the time-warped one was having the double coupon special. They even upped the limit on the # of coupons you could double - up to 75. They used to only allow 25 doubled coupons. Well today, since my junky K-mart has not apparently restocked shelves in the past few months - I managed to redeem a whopping 11 coupons. Didn't even get near redeeming 75 coupons The total was $35 before coupons and I ended up paying $10 even for the above stuff. The Venus razors were normally something like $9, on clearance for $5.59 and I had $2 coupons so I got $4 off each. The cat treats (free after doubling) will go to my brother and his cats.

Tonight I said goodnight to my 8 year old boy for the last time. Tomorrow he's 9. He's growing up so fast that I don't even realize it. He had a dentist appt earlier this week and told him to go play at the kids area in the waiting room. Then I was surprised that he didn't. Then it dawned on me, the kids area is designed for for 2 and 3 year olds.

I picked up his cake today - a free cake from a locally owned grocery store (I think they have about 5 stores in this area in Maryland). The store gives out a free cake ($6.49 value) to kids that join their birthday club (free to join). Geez, I wonder what age they stop giving out cakes. Here's a pic of the cake. Ok, so what that the big fat confetti flakes are primary colored and everything else is pastel. And the junky blue plastic Happy Birthday sign doesn't match anything. Whaddyawant for free.

Nothing much really going on, so that's why the lack of posts lately. Did get a few things at the thrift today but I don't have a pic so maybe tomorrow I will post it.

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