Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yardsale Buys from past Saturday

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Here's most of what I bought last Saturday, as I said in the video, the $1 Serta Sheep didn't make it into the pic. I always buy the plushie Serta Sheeps for ebay. The sheep each have a # on their side (like they do on tv.) Click on the pic to see a larger version.

$2 & $3 - Perfumes
$1 hairgel
$1 Lancome
.10 Rescue Heroes
$1 Irish linen that says "Glass" on it - I *swear*. haha.
5 for $1 - Playtown characters
.50 Bill Doll
$2 gameboy
$10 - Drakes Fortune PS3 game (new)
$2 ea - old D&D games
$3 Nintendo DS game (will bring it to Play N Trade)
$2 bunch of inkjets (for $3 each recycling at Staples)
$2 each - DVD boxed sets
$1 electric wall thing

One of the best buys of the day was this homemade fudge for .50 a package at a yardsale/bakesale held at a firehouse. I bought one package and ate as I went to a nearby yardsale. It was so good - and just look at the generous portion size - that I stopped back and bought $3 more. It looks a little funky in the picture since I had it in the freezer.

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