Thursday, September 17, 2009

David Cassidy Garage Sale Moving Sale

Here's the Craigslist ad for the David Cassidy moving sale / garage sale. I know what you're thinking "What is David Cassidy doing living in upstate New York?" He owns several race horses (see pics on his official website and Saratoga Springs NY is home to the oldest race course in the USA. In the pic above, I covered up the name of the antique store - since they have removed the craiglist ad off of craiglist.

Here's the scoop (from what I heard) - the wife hired a local antique store to run the sale. The Cassidy's had a nice house somewhere in Saratoga, NY which they sold in the springtime. They didn't want to move out of the area immediately so they temporarily stayed at this rental house (with a beautiful view of Saratoga Lake). But now David is living in California working on his tv sitcom Ruby and the Rockits (which I just found out has been canceled).

My sister lives closer to where the sale was, so she went there in the morning and bought a few things, including a pair of pink leather pants. The pants fit my fashionista niece so I guess I will have to find pink leather pants on my own. The womens shoes did not fit me since they are a size 6.5

The signage for the sale wasn't great. I didn't get there until the afternoon. There was a sign on a car to turn left and go up hill, so I went up a gravel pothole filled hill - I felt like I was out four-wheeling in my mom's Buick Century. The road was bad. So I went back down that hill and then I spotted a very long gravel driveway so I figured I would try that and that's where the sale was. They should have put another sale sign on the long driveway. I think David Cassidy owes my mom a car wheel alignment.

The house was a duplex rental house with a nice view of Saratoga Lake. The unfinished lower level was where a majority of the stuff was for sale. In the main part of the house was furniture, tv, artwork, bookcase, kitchen stuff.

Here is one of David Cassidy's rental house bathrooms.

View of Saratoga Lake (pic taken from the backyard at David Cassidy's rental house)

Miscellaneous David Cassidy stuff.

Shoes. No I didn't sniff the man shoes for possible David Cassidy scent.

Magazine on the coffee table was conveniently opened to the recent People issue with the David and his daughter interview.

David Cassidy lightbulbs and microwave and miscellaneous.

Living room furniture.

Oh no, say it ain't so. David Cassidy Flowbee!!! acckkkkkkk ( sucks, it cuts)

David Cassidy birdcage.

One of the bedrooms:

I gotta run now, but I will post pics of the stuff I bought.


Sandy in MI said...

Please tell me you bought the David Cassidy Flowbee.

Chris at said...

Regretfully, no. Now that I think of it, maybe I could have found a stray hair or two in the device and sent it off to the lab for cloning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! I forget - but did you buy anything?

jmarie said...


By doing it this way they make a lot more money for the cause because it is a celbrity's items for sale

Anonymous said...

Flowbee can be used on dogs, too, and DC has a dog. Love your funny article. I live in Wisconsin and we never get anyone famous here.

Jeff Smith said...
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