Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More David Cassidy Moving Sale Pics

Here are the additional pics of David Cassidy's Moving Sale courtesy of Ann (ebay ID Rusticbuilder). She was there earlier in the day than I was, so some of the pics look a little different since there is more larger stuff there.

This is NOT the house - but I thought it was funny since both Ann and I photographed the same house - thinking it was the right house. I deleted the pic off the camera back when I was in NY, so I don't have a similar pic to share. BUT the super long driveway to get to David's rental house is there on the left - see the black arrow.

View of the house - as you see, it was pretty impossible to get a good photo of the front since trees obscured it.

This is the view when you parked the car. The picture that I took with the faded green wicker chairs is underneath the second floor deck.

Front entrance (the first door closest to the camera). The house was a duplex, so the neighbors had the door further down the pathway. Can you even imagine being next door neighbors to David Cassidy???? I'd be bringing over a plate of cookies every day, if you know what I mean - haha.

Living room.

Other corner of the living room

One of the upstairs bedroom. When I shopped the sale, the master bedroom furniture had been sold and was gone. So I did second best - I did bounce on the mattress that was in one of the spare bedrooms.

If anyone else has pics of the event they want to share, just contact me (contact info is over there to the left) and I will post them.

And for my regular blog readers (who aren't necessarily David Cassidy fans), thanks for putting up with all my recent David Cassidy posts.\

p.s. If anyone knows when Sylvester Stallone is going to have a yardsale contact me - I must attend. After my David Cassidy era, I then went thru a John Denver phase (don't ask), then I was into my Sylvester Stallone phase. And I don't think that John Denver will be having a moving sale anytime soon.

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