Monday, September 28, 2009

A few more buys - Williams Sonoma grill press

Here's my Williams-Sonoma grill press that I bought two weeks ago at a yardsale but I forgot to upload the pic. I paid $1 for it - never used - the seller said it had been a wedding gift. Sells for $24.95 on the Williams Sonoma website. Didn't have my flash on for the pic, so that is why it looks funky.

Also another thing I bought last Saturday but forgot to mention (I had put it in my fanny pack and rediscovered it today) is a new Bath & Body Works candle (not a huge one, but a medium $9.95 sized one) that I paid .50 for.

I did a bunch of Walgreen's shopping today. They have a lot of deals going on which are free after Register Rewards. And the good thing is, several of their free promos (with register rewards) will be running until the end of October.

Also today, I was looking thru the local community college's continuing education schedule for the fall and see that they have a one day "how to declutter your house" seminar for $50. But geez, its on a Saturday. I got places to go and things to buy Saturdays!

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