Friday, September 25, 2009

Diabetes Testing Device? Sure, no problem - I got a stash.

My brother and SIL were here visiting for a very short while (yesterday and today) - they are now spending some time in Ocean City, Maryland. But when she was here, she couldn't find her glucose testing meter and thought she left it back home in NY. Well....guess who has a stash of diabetes glucose monitors stored in the garage? Yep, I do. Why? Because if a store is gonna pay me to take them, I will. Walgreens had a deal a little while back, buy a Bayer Contour diabetes meter on sale for $19.99 and get $10 back in Register Rewards. And there had been coupons in the newspapers to save $20 off a Contour meter and since I buy several newspapers, I had several coupons. So I got the meters for free, plus I got $10 in Register Rewards.

Only a few yardsales on the agenda for tomorrow. Oh crap. I just realized something. I was thinking of doing a yardsale at the fairgrounds on Oct. 3 but I can't. The actual fair will be going on then, and they don't allow yardsales during fair week. Oh well. Maybe the following week. It will give me time to organize. What I really gotta do is put up a bunch of stuff on ebay. Last week at Smile I bought a $1 lamp that should sell for $150 or so.

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