Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yardsale Buys Saturday and Etc.

There were a lot of yardsales in my area today. It was a rough start and didn't find anything at the first few yardsales (which is a bad sign, since normally early on you have the best selection). Saw a lot of overpriced stuff and just stuff I didn't need or have a use for.

Like a working McDonald's sign for $125. Jacob got excited for a second when he thought a new McDonald's had magically appeared in our neighborhood. I had to deliver the bad news that it was just a sign.

And this is what I ended up buying. Everything ranged in price from .25-$1.00. Except for the still-new-with-tags Bath & Body Works gift set which was $4. Jacob is invited to a girl's BD party tomorrow and hadn't gotten a gift yet. So this is good (original price was $16.50)

If any of you subscribe to the Bottom Line Personal newsletter, I'll be in the May 15 newsletter. Bottom Line Secrets have been around for years and years, they publish books and newsletters - and according to their website, use the info from their enormous team of America's leading experts in everything. That describes me exactly - a leading expert in America. But why should I limit myself to just being a leading expert in America, when I'm sure there are yardsales in other galaxies that I have yet to discover? The title of the article is The Yard Sale Queen's Guide to Getting Cash for your Clutter. It's a good thing that they just wanted a pic of me for the article and not a pic of the inside of my house.

p.s. The funny thing is, is that the cover article is from another Marylander. Maryland - home of the cheap!

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