Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thrift Store Buys and my Cherry Tree (and buy my stuff)

This is what I bought today. Some books at $1 each. A new, unused shadowbox ($5 but it was new) I want to do a crafty wall decoration with a bunch of Jacob's baby stuff in it - like the pregnancy pee stick and other sentimental baby goodies. I tried to save his umbilical/belly button gunky black thing, but it dropped off of Jacob's tummy and Whiskey (my old dog) ate it. No lie.

$1 Furreal dog and a $1 Folkmanis turtle puppet (that will go on ebay, eventually. I know I have other Folkmanis puppets that I should list). Comic book Bible was .50 and the vintage Russian/English children's folk tale book was $1. Vintage Kentucky ashtray was .50 and the package of thank you cards were $1.

Speaking of my junk, I listed some stuff on ebay yesterday - to see what I have listed on ebay click here

My cherry trees in my yard are in full bloom now, and they will be gorgeous for about the next 2 weeks, then the yard will be filled with pink pedal confetti.


Annette said...

I saved my POAS too!

Love the cherry tree, how beautiful!! Too bad they couldn't find a way to make it blossom longer...

egg said...

ikes, whiskey ate it!