Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vacation Re-cap Day 1 - North Carolina Wilber's Barbecue Review Goldsboro NC

I'll try not to drag my vacation re-cap out too long. So I will just write about one day at a time. haha.

First day - we drove to a town called Goldsboro, North Carolina to spend the night. It was about a 5 hour drive. We stopped at the NC Visitor's Center and got some information on the town. DH had made reservations at a Country Inn & Suites - I had never stayed at this particular chain before and I liked it. I have a theory that the more expensive the hotel, the less they offer. It wasn't cheap cheap, but it wasn't extremely expensive either. I think we paid about $94 including taxes. Nice, clean room with microwave & fridge, warm free cookies in the lobby, bookcase in the lobby with new books to read and keep if you didn't finish (then you are supposed to return them to a different Country Inn & Suites in the future). Free hot chocolate & coffee 24 hrs a day, and a free breakfast in the morning. It wasn't a "hot" breakfast, but they had plenty of fruit, cereals, yogurt, juice, breads, Otis Spunkmeyer packaged muffins and a fridge full of pre-packaged breakfast sandwiches to microwave. And free computer in the lobby for anyone to use.

Here Jacob is playing some Jigzone in the lobby while I read my new book on Clutter that I got courtesy of Country Inn & Suites, which of course, I did not finish so I had to take with me.

Since we got there at around 3pm, we had some time to do something before dinner. In looking at the info on the town, I told DH we could either go to a local park that had train rides for kids, or go to the largest all pork retail displayer in the eastern United States (Nahunta Pork Center) Although seeing the largest retail pork display sounded tempting, I made the decision to go ride the train for $1 per person. DH took the above pic, Jacob and I are in the back.

Then time for dinner - and since North Carolina is known for BBQ, we went to the local famous BBQ place called Wilber's Barbecue The meal started off great, with a big free basket of fresh, hot, delicious hushpuppies. I ordered a pork sandwich/fries/cole slaw. When I think of BBQ, I think of pork shredded in regular ole red/brown bbq sauce. North Carolina BBQ is different, they have some sort of vinegary sauce with spices - not regular bbq sauce. The fries were luke-warm and no one - in my book - makes better cole slaw than Kentucky Fried Chicken. Anyhow I ate most of the sandwich until I bit down on a big fatty rubbery piece. Gag. Wilber's website says they use the whole hog, and I guess that means the fatty part too. I woke up at 3:50am with indigestion.

Oops, I'm jumping the gun a little, I forgot to mention that another stop along the way before getting into Goldsboro, was that we stopped at a big JR Cigar Store The name is misleading, since they sell a ton of discounted stuff besides cigars - wedding dresses, cosmetics, household items, tools, yadda yadda. We just bought some snacks. I don't have a need to buy a discounted wedding dress or another Beware of Attack Crab sign. Oh I forgot, DH did buy a few cigars to smoke on the golf course. GROSSSSS....

End of Day 1. Just 6 more vacation days to blog about.....


Annette said...

Hilarious! I am TOTALLY with you on the KFC coleslaw. It is simply unmatched!

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awesome post. thanks!