Sunday, April 19, 2009

Come home Whiskey!

My pain in the butt dog Whiskey is MIA again. You would think a 14 year old dog would take it easy in his old age and stay close to home, but he is up to his old tricks. At least I hope. He is so so skinny now (Vet said normal muscle loss associated with old age) so I think he is able to slip thru our fenced yard a lot more easily now. Last night he got out and I picked him up from him visiting his other family in the neighborhood.

But this morning he was gone again. And he was not at his other family's house. Maybe because he is just practically a bag of bones now and so old, I don't feel good about him being gone for so long. Don't get me wrong, I never felt comfortable with him strolling the 'hood unattended but over the years, I learned not to freak out since he is such an escape artist and scrappy streetwise dog. Here's a pic I took with my cellphone when he was running errands with me last week. (Running errands - is a euphemism I use when I really mean "going shopping") I will call Animal Control tomorrow and see if he got picked up, again.


Here are my yardsale buys from Saturday. Bought a bunch of books on CD for $1 each, from Recorded Books Their distribution center is nearby and I think the employees get a huge discount. I love it when I come across a Recorded Books employee having a yardsale. The boxed thing up front is a $2 new hand/nail spa kit for me. I got the Texas Instruments graphing calculator and that little silvery bowl for free. The Lexmark printer was $1 (and had a inkjet cartridge inside that I will recycle for $3 in Staples money. DH plans to recycle the printer at Staples for the $50 rebate when you buy a new printer.


zakary said...

I hope your doggie makes it home...keep us posted.

You scored a bunch of stuff, especially that printer.

Anonymous said...

That TI83 calculator should sell nicely on Ebay if it's not broken. Great pickup for free!