Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Resort Quest Myrtle Beach Vacation

We stayed the bulk of our vacation at Resort Quest Myrtle Beach When DH said he wanted to go somewhere on vacation in April, I just started looking on the net for possible places to go and I found the resort. I knew I wanted to stay somewhere that had 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, was within driving distance, and the fact that the resort was running an awesome special made it a no brainer. The condo we stayed at normally $149/night plus taxes plus a linen fee. Because of the special, we paid $95 a night including all taxes/linen fees.

The place was gorgeous - it's in a new (less than a year old) planned shopping/entertaining/living community. The place I booked had a HUGE patio that Jacob really enjoyed. Free Wifi, washer & dryer, full kitchen, 3 flat screen tvs. Ginormous closets. Matter of fact, the first night, Jacob woke up at 4am and went out to the patio to check if Piggly Wiggly was closed (it was within view of our patio) and when he wouldn't go back to sleep in the bed, I told him to lay down in the closet - and he did. It was not on the beach, but included was unlimited free passes to go to the nearby state park which had a great beach/bathrooms etc etc.

Patio view of park (and PF Changs is there on the left)

Other side of patio view:

Another patio view:

The closest thing to camping that Jacob will probably ever experience (The Queen doesn't do camping)

Master bedroom (hutch has flat screen tv)

View of the lobby area. The nice thing was that we didn't have to use keys the entire time (so it was nice not worrying about losing/misplacing keys.) To get to the lobby from the sidewalk, you type in a code in a keypad by the door. That let you into the lobby area (below) then you could use the elevator to get to your condo (which also uses a keypad entry). Our condo was above a jewelry store. And there was a webcam near the keypad, so you could tune to a particular tv channel and watch who is coming into the building. Having that locked lobby was a good security measure, since it helped to keep my paparazzi away.

Kitchen/living room:

Kitchen island. I wish I had taken pics when we first walked in, before we junked it all up with our stuff.

Two lazy-boy type chairs with a red couch (which was a sofa bed too) Besides the 3 tvs, there was also a DVD player and stereo.

Jacob's room

Jacob's closet. Look at all that empty space! All I needed was a spare $20, a week at some good thrifts/yardsales, and I could fill that sucker up!

View of *our* building. More pics to come later.

View of the PF Changs (where I spent $27 on 2 dinners for us and DH was still hungry afterwards)

View of the Piggly Wiggly from the patio (where I bought myself a souvenir $5 "Get Your Pig On" t-shirt)

Picture at night from patio. The Grand 14 - is a movie theatre. It was next to a Cold Stone Creamery.

DH was very happy with the place too. The first day, he says to me "HOW much did we pay for this??" I know he was expecting me to say a lot more. It was bigger than our first apartment when we lived in Charleston. And heck, even the bathrooms and closets are bigger than what we have now!

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Agreed! The place is stunningly beautiful.