Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please Vote for Sassy Signs

One of my long time advertisers - Sassy Signs asked for my help in getting the word out about a contest they are trying to win. Sassy Signs is a very small company started by two Minnesota moms who wanted bright and attractive yardsale/garage sale signs for their sale, but they couldn't find any to they had an idea to start a company to sell bright and eye-catching signs.

You don't need to register or anything to vote, just click on the vote button in the green box. Here is the link: Vote for Sassy Signs You can vote once per day, everyday, for the next month or so.

Ok ok, I know what you're thinking...WIIFM???? (What's in it for me????) Well...ok, lets assume you vote and vote. And everyone else votes and votes. Then Sassy Signs wins the contest (the prize includes a lot of free nationwide media promotion). Then because you voted and they won, the Sassy Signs Company gets all that free promotion and grows and grows. So more people will hear about Sassy Signs and buy the eye-catching garage sale and yardsale signs. So that is how it will benefit you...with everyone buying Sassy Signs, you won't have to deal with the aggravation of trying to read awful homemade yardsale signs. And with Sassy Signs, they are re-useable so the people who buy them will take down the signs and save them for their next sale. Not like the people who make ugly signs on cardboard and leave them up for months. So what's in it for you? Basically, you are helping to keep America (and in a larger sense, planet Earth) beautiful. Ok, so now go do your patriotic duty and go vote. It's a win win situation! THANK YOU!

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