Friday, September 12, 2008

Belated Thank You

I got a nice surprise a while ago from Shara at Monkeybox Blog Before I opened it, there was a note that said "Saw this and thought of you". That kinda scared me a little because who knows what sorta thing it could be. She sent me the cute wall hanging which, of course, I put above the marital headboard. haha.

If you need a laugh, go to her blog and look around the mid-August timeframe and see the cake she got for her birthday. It made me LOL.

Update on the ticks. I knew that they were ticks - but thought they were just baby ticks - didn't know they had a specific name of seed ticks. I was just in denial when I euphemistically called them bugs. Yesterday, I did make sure they were all picked off, but still had to put my sneaker back on when leaving the park - then got home and saw that some had transferred from the sneaker to my foot. So I got them off too. I'm just glad I got them instead of Jacob. My sneakers are still sitting outside. The ironic thing is, today my DH is complaining that his ankles have bug (tick) bites all over them and they itch like hell. I told him he should have walked faster. My ankles don't have any red marks on them the way his does.

After having to miss yardsales last week due to the big storm we had, I'm looking forward to hitting the sales tomorrow. There is a big church yardsale first thing in the morning, then plan on hitting the other yardsales.

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