Sunday, September 14, 2008

Deleting and Decluttering Food

Ok, I know I could probably make better use of my time than taking pictures while grocery shopping, but I saw this sign and thought it was funny. They are going to be deleting a particular item off the shelf. Not discontinuing it, but deleting it. LOL. I guess I just find it funny since I say that too. Like when I cleaned out my closet, I thought to myself how good it felt to delete 4 bags of clothing. I wonder how many guests a grocery store gets....

Lately I've been on a kick of trying to get rid of old food. Not throw it away of course, just making it. Today I made a Duncan Hines cake with a "better by" date of December '07 and the frosting was a can with a "better by" date of Jan. '06.

Tomorrow for dinner I am making porkchops that were bought December '06. I think after the porkchops, I'll be caught up on old food. Then will have to start eating 2007 food :)


Here's a pic of some of my yardsale buys from this weekend (the most "valuable" thing I bought was a sealed DVD set of Season 1 of Lost for $3.). Oh and the Remington Tight Curls hair curlers (paid $2) will probably resell for around $30 - $40 The Campbell Soup Labels were free - I will probably end up mailing those to the Rowlesburg School in WV.

Got most of this stuff free:

Jacob has that bowling game already, but I left the batteries in it and they got corroded and ruined that top piece. So I am happy to find a replacement piece for free!



I am lovin the corks

Anonymous said...

wow that is a big bag of corks! do you still have them? I actually am looking for corks of all sizes for some craft projects :)