Monday, September 08, 2008

CVS Summer at 90% off

CVS was having a 2 day sale (for Sunday and today) so I wanted to get some .99 nail polish. (Actually it was $3.99 but at the checkout you got a $3 coupon to use on your next purchase - known as Extra Care Bucks (ECBs). I walked in and saw a glorious sign that said "Summer 90% off". Ahhhhhh. I have no idea when the 90% off started but I saw a few things I couldn't live without.

The had kiddie pools - normally $39.99. So 90% off would be $3.99 I have math phobia but when it comes to figuring out a discount - no problem. Plus, it's super easy to figure out how much 90% off something would be. Just take the original price, example $39.99 and then just mentally chop off the last number and move the decimal point one space so 90% off $39.99 is $3.99, $8.99 /.89 , $12.99 would be $1.29 and on and on. I bought the Finding Nemo kickboard for .69 (was $6.99)

So I take the pools to the register and they don't ring up on sale. The cashier punched in $9.99 each. I feel kinda embarrassed for the cashier to have to tell them what the correct price should be - but so what. I will probably put the pool in the backyard for Jacob next year and maybe keep the second one as a back-up? Or maybe put a $10 price tag on it during my next yardsale....I'm not sure. There was a third pool, and my hoarding tendancies told me to buy it, afterall it's only $3.99, but I was good and left it for someone else to buy. Freeze-pop popsicles were on clearance for $2 a box (bought 4 boxes). I also got some other bargains using ECBs but nothing too exciting.

Also went to Walgreens. Where I live, I can't go anywhere really without having to pass it, so I always stop in to see what's on clearance. Today they had a cart full of laundry detergent at 75% off (I bought 4 bottles at $1.44 each)

Then stopped at the libary and got this book out. When I was in NY in August, I saw my friend (and former coworker) Bev, who told me that one of our other former coworkers wrote a book. We all worked at a book publisher. It was a book publisher that specialized in all things boring - scholarly books about humanities and social sciences, philosophy, religion, political science, regional studies, women's studies, cultural studies, and environmental studies...snooze fest.

Yes, the books there are boring (in my opinion) but I remember my years working there fondly (maybe my brain cells are dying off now). It was the "good ole days" for me - no responsibilities, living the crazy single life, etc. And I met my life-long buddy there - Beverly.

So when I saw this book by my former coworker - I just knew it wouldn't be boring. I'm proud to say that I am already on Chapter 4.

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