Saturday, September 13, 2008

Christmas Gift Buying via Yardsales

My Bermuda vacation is coming up (next month) and I already got my mom a combination Christmas gift/vacation souvenir from it. I was at a yardsale today and saw these two new, crisp Royal Caribbean Bingo t-shirts. The seller had a bunch of clothes marked $1 each and I thought about buying them but passed them after making small talk about cruises. When I looked at them the second time, she told me just to take them. Yea! I may keep one for myself - maybe I'll wear it when I check in at the ship - the cruise employee will see my shirt and think "hey, this must be one of our bingo high-rollers, let's upgrade her to our royal oceanfront suite". I did buy some other neat stuff today, but a picture will have to wait.

My mom is a bingo-aholic. And she likes t-shirts that have stuff written on the back so I know she will like the shirt. The pic above shows the front and the back. I also bought her a ceramic "Casino Money" ceramic jar with an old lady sitting at a slot machine (it was .50)

Speaking of my upcoming Bermuda trip, I am still taking applications to be my friend while I am in port ( My new Bermuda friend or friends should be available to act as a tourguide/chauffeur during my stay in Bermuda, pick up the tab at lunch, carry my shopping bags, basically just being at my beck and call. In exchange, you will be in the presence of moi and my charming personality and witty humor (and my sister will be there too).

Do not fret if you're one of the hoards of Bermudians who've already submitted an application and you haven't heard back yet. I'm waiting for all the submissions to come in then make my royal decree.



hey I love yard sales too. I Think your shirts are a great find cant beat free. I went on a cruise and had a blast I hope you do too. Make sure you go to the straw market that is where all the bargains are. It is like a flea market where people are all with there stuff and ready to wheel and deal!!

Chris said...

do you have Bermuda confused with the straw market that is popular in Nassau Bahamas?