Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Disneyland Frontierland Exhibit shirt (and more)

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day so I didn't get a chance to leisurely blog. I forgot to mention that I went to the dentist yesterday to get a filling updated (my dentist really likes to replace *old* fillings it seems). And since I have the dental insurance why not. I always try to make the dental appts on either a Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday since that is when the nearby VV store has their .35 clothing days.

I normally don't look too much at flannel type shirts but this one caught my eye -

And then of course, looked at the label:

After a little bit of research I found out that Disneyland used to have a Pendleton Mills Frontierland store and all the clothes sold there had that label. It will go up on ebay eventually. Darn. I was kinda hoping it was some sort of a one of a kind costume from Disneyland that appeared in some show or was worn by Elvis or someone. I think though that some Disney collector would enjoy it.

Also for .35, I also bought Jacob a Target brand lightweight jacket. I just looked in his closet and now he has a pair of identical Target lightweight jackets. Oh well.

Today at Smile for $2 I bought myself a nice desk lamp - and that $2 price even included a compact fluorescent lightbulb.

During this past weekend's yardsale finds, I mentioned that I needed to get rid of the cubicle type storage that I had going on in Jacob's room and replace it with the $2 shelfing unit I purchased on Saturday.

Well here is the "Before" pic (6 wire cubicle things that don't want to stay together and not sturdy - bought at thrift for a few bucks. I am sure I can re-purpose the metal grates for something.)

And here is the "After" pic. The shelfing unit holds tons more and I won't have to worry about it falling apart if I put something heavy on it.

Gonna go to Baskin Robbins tonight for the .31 scoop of ice cream. In reading the fine print, it says you are limited to purchasing 10 scoops per person! wow. I doubt I will buy myself 10 scoops, that would be too much. But 7 or 8 should do the trick :)

p.s. I remembered that tomorrow is May 1st. May Day. The day that some of the students at the *sorta* nearby St. Mary's College go for a naked bike ride around campus. However, tomorrow I have to be someplace that is probably a good 40 miles away and combined with the logistics and the price of gas, I don't think its gonna be worth the trip to gawk.

p.s.s. No I am not turning into a cheap old fart (although I am cheap and I do have a birthday coming up). I did see Big Brother's Adam Jasinski nekked this week on Showtime After Hours. Yea for DVR and the ability to freeze the screen. I never realized until this week how clear the pictures come out if someone was to take digital pictures of a tv screen and turn the flash off. So I got my gratuitous nudity fix in for the week (and didn't have to waste any gas doing it).

p.s.s.s. Yes, that is a Dora blanket on my son's bed. There is nothing wrong with a boy liking Dora.


Anonymous said...

your dora comment is too funny. there is Diego, the male cousin to her. =)

etandad said...

Love the Disney shirt, great find!

Yes, my boys love Dora also. I think it is cool Jacob likes Dora. My sons actually each have a "girl friend" at school, and both girls resemble Dora!

Anonymous said...

Those cubicle thingees are a real pita to keep together!! You can use them as individual "baskets" for J's smaller boxed or bigger little toys ( ones that dont come thru) for the plastic shelf and glue the ends together with liquid nails along with the usual corner thingees..they (especially plopped on top of a LAZY Susan to revolve ) make great jewelry display racks!!

My kid likes Dora too! :)