Sunday, April 27, 2008

I wasted gas for this???

Yesterday I was planning on going to some yardsales (well, of course) and saw one that started at 7am so I decided to change my driving routine and hit that one first at 7am. What a waste of gas. It was so sparse that I felt compelled to take a picture (the seller had gone back inside). When I stopped I thought, well there is probably stuff inside the garage too --- nope. And it wasn't like this was the end of the day and this was all that was left - it was all they had planned on selling.

Did manage to find some other stuff at some sales - a plastic storage bookcase thing for Jacob's room ($2) - the cubicle thing I have now in his room is not working out. Will have to add pics later to this blog entry. Also bought some new/sealed VHS tapes at .10 each for my technologically-stuck-in-the-80's brother.

I am compiling a list of my Top 10 Favorite Yardsale Buys of 2008 and I think so far I have 4 items on the list (no new buys got added yesterday). This list is due to change.

1. North Face fleece jacket at thrift ($4 - even though a thrift store is not a yardsale it's still one of my favorite buys)
2. mini trampoline for jacob ($3)
3. set of Henckels knives $5
4. set of 8 Waterford Crystal glasses $5

Tonight is the finale of Big Brother. I am rooting for Adam to win. Didn't like him at first but he grew on me after a while.


Diane said...

I feel your pain. Yesterday was a total bust.

Anonymous said...

Dont you want to go ask for your gas money back from sales like this?

RESALE by GAIL said...

I am rooting for Adam too, but I think Ryan will win it.

Drea M said...

ive actually gone to quite a few like this.

Lisa said...

I sure hope they didn't have to pay much for their ad...if they advertised in the newspaper!!

I HATE sales like that!!

THat's the killer here, the newspaper is such a rip off but around here you HAVE to advertise it. I had a sale a couple of weeks ago & a short little ad was $34.00

Chris said...

No, this yardsale wasn't in the newspaper. It was advertised online - we have a tri-county regional website that has free classifieds and lots of yardsellers around here use that.

M.E. said...

I was rooting for Adam to win, too. I knew he would beat Ryan.