Thursday, April 03, 2008

Recent Bargains. Now I have a dolphin in my car.

Last Saturday was my first real yardsale shopping experience for 2008. And this Saturday I am selling at an indoor yardsale (where space rental is $5). They say over 30 sellers have signed up so it should be very good - but probably crowded as far as how much actual space everyone will get.

Here's a couple of pics from my buys on Saturday. Most expensive thing was the brand new $5 golf cart (has a $59 price tag on it).

On Wednesday morning I went to Walgreens - since they had a special one day promo for a free inkjet refill. Well giving away the free refills is a smart move on their part. They lured me in the door with their free inkjet promo - then they said they didn't refill my particular brand of inkjet - and then all the bright lights and fancy displays enticed me into buying stuff I didn't know that I needed. Like a glowing blue dolphin for my car. It was $2.50 on clearance. And I ended up buying an additional $15 worth of stuff and no free inkjet refill for me.

Then on Wednesday afternoon, had lunch with my husband and then stopped at the little independent grocery where I got all those bottles of adult beverages. I wanted to see if they put anything else on clearance. I walk in the door and see a grocery cart with a sign ".50 each" Ended up buying nine .50 items. Bought a cheap pair of sunglasses, pizza cutter, multipack packages of gum and the below anti-perspirant and mousse for .50 each.

Tomorrow I need to get ready for the Saturday yardsale. But I will find time to pop into a new hair salon that is having a grand opening tomorrow. Supposed to be door prizes and free consulations, food etc etc. Maybe I can win a free haircut or something.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I am addicted to your blog. I check it everyday. Whatcha gonna do with the golf cart? Do you play golf?

Scott Lindberg said...

That Dansk Kobenstyle coffee pot in your first photo is a great find! I'm jealous!

yardsalequeen said...

Anon - why yes, I do golf. But I don't think I need the cart for the mini-course. Will try to sell at the yardsale tomorrow for more. My husband does real golf but he already has a cart.

Scott - yes, when I saw the Dansk logo on the bottom and the $1 price tag, I knew it would be a smart buy. All the innards are missing and has cosmetic flaws but it should do pretty good on ebay.

Drea M said...

i just wanted to say i found your blog probably a few weeks ago when i was going to have a yard sale.

after reading your blog i have been inspired to go yard sale hunting!