Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's been a busy week

Last Saturday I had a yardsale ($5 space rental if you bring your own table) and made $151. Top photo is a pic of my junk before I set it up. It was a little hard to see the Power Wheels go ($20). Jacob loved that thing and rode it way past the age it was intended for (1.5 years to 3). There were a lot of other sellers but didn't find much to buy from the others. When I was packing up, I boxed about half of leftovers for donation to the Purple Heart organization. I like that this organization will come to your house to pick up donations and leave a tax receipt. I also donate to Smile but I prefer not seeing "my stuff" again when I shop at Smile. And then I wonder why no one is buying such and such of mine. So when the Purple Heart organization takes the stuff away, I know I am not going to be seeing it again.

Plus, it's much easier to leave the donations in my driveway than loading up the car with the stuff and then lugging it into the donation center at Smile which is sometimes a pain because of parking.

So when I told my husband the Purple Heart people were coming on Friday (yesterday) for donations, he decided on Thursday night to clean out his side of the closet for the first time since around 1990. I should have taken a picture of the mountain of clothes he wanted gone, it was probably 4' tall. It was at least a dozen garbage bags full of clothes. About half went to Purple Heart and the other half - went to the textile recycling/Planet Aid.

Donations waiting to be picked up. Can't see it but there is a big box underneath full of stuff.

Bags of clothes to be taken for Planet Aid/Recycling

I went to a few yardsales this morning. Got a few good things. I got a mini-trampoline for Jacob for $3. I had been looking for one and came really close to buying a new one from Walmart for around $20. Glad I waited. He played a lot on my 1980's era mini-trampoline. I had gotten it back when they first came out and they were the latest exercise craze. Well it finally started falling apart about 6 months ago so now it's gone.

Also got a set of 8 Waterford crystal champagne glasses for $5. I can't remember the exact name off hand. I bought $11 worth of stuff at that sale. Also got a nice wall mirror for $1 (a Queen can never have enough mirrors - haha). And a couple of DVDs for $1 each and some other stuff. At another sale I got a big Yankee candle for $1 (it is slighted used but not much) and a Bath & Body Works wallflower refills for $1 each.

Now that yardsaling is done for the day I am thinking of doing some painting. I bet you didn't know I was an artist too. Yep, my goal for the day is to paint the upstairs hallway. At a different thrift a few weeks ago, I saw they had a small paint section with new cans of paints - like where someone had picked a color and changed their mind so the hardware store donated their mistakes. Well anyway I bought two quart cans of Benjamin Moore paint in eggshell color for $1 each and bought a big gallon size can of something called Benjamin Moore Aura paint (in a tan-ish color) for $3. Well doing some searching online I see that Aura paint sells for $50 - $55 a gallon. Do people really pay that much for paint?


Anonymous said...

I went to a community sale and I found bargains galore. I had to stop when I spent my $30 limit. I bought 20 baby board books for $2 and 4 cd's for $1. Someone gave me several yard deco scare-crows for free...great yardsailing day.

oliveoyl64 said...

The Aura paint is low VOC(odor) that is why it is so costly. They have to charge you more to take the smell out.

I just painted the entire front end of my house(no bedrooms) with Dutchboy($15) from Walmart and didn't notice a $55 smell. :)