Friday, April 04, 2008

My swag from the hair salon - including some hemp seed

As I said yesterday, today I was going to stop by a new hair salon that advertised an open house, door prizes, etc. The above is the swag I got in a little goody bag. I am curious to try the Australian Gold Blazin' Tingle Bronzing Hemp with Hemp Seed. I am looking forward to tingling.

I did the special accordian fold to my entry for the door prizes so I expect a call any moment now announcing that I won a ton of stuff and services.

Tomorrow I am selling at an indoor yardsale. Hope to make some money and find time to shop at it.


pianomomsicle said...

i would recommend not using the tingle lotion unless you're going tanning in an indoor bed. That's what it's made for. Tingle lotions blaze open your pores for the maximum square inches of your body to be exposed in the UV tanning beds.
You would make $3-4 for that sample on ebay, however. Just letting you know, as an avid former tanner.
Also, if you do choose to use it just as lotion, wash it off before hugging anyone or having any skin contact, because it will rash other people up. i forgot to shower after tanning once and gave my husband a massage, and his back turned bright red and he couldn't sleep well that night.

Amanda said...

What a cool grab bag! Hope Ya win Big!!

svelteSTUFF said...

Chris- you do a lot of selling at small indoor fleas - how did it go? I'm going to give it a try in a couple of weeks for the first time - any helpful tips/hints on what is best to take, or space saving display ideas? THANKS for any advice!! S-

Chris said...

Piano - I looked on ebay for the Blazin samples and the only ones I see are auctions where people have many of them in a lot and include a full size bottle and it sold for $6. Maybe the price has gone down since you used it.