Wednesday, August 02, 2006

WILSON!!!!!! (that's me doing my Tom Hanks impression)

Call Tom Hanks - I found Wilson last week! (Ok, there were probably thousands mass produced as a promo for Cast Away but I had to have it.) And it was only .50 at VV. And same with the like new Land's End shoes for Jacob - only .50

I shopped at VV after I had my checkup for my ear tubes. Didn't do a hearing test this time, the doctor said next time. When I do a hearing test they put you in a little booth the size of a phonebooth. (Believe it or not, we still have regular old phonebooths in our rinky dink town - complete with a folding glass door.) Anyhow during the hearing test, I feel like I'm doing an audition for Jeopardy - I'm positive the little clicker is exactly the same.

My best yardsale buy from last week was a big box of old Nintendo and Atari games for $5. During my mother-in-law's last visit, she told me to keep my eyes peeled for a Super Nintendo for her since hers died. Unfortunately, my husband had to "test" all the games etc and now Jacob loves the Super Nintendo. So...I guess I'll still have to keep my eyes peeled for another for her.

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Kay said...

Love your blog! I mentioned it and your other site today in my blog posting on yard/garage sales. Plus, I was thrilled to see you're in Maryland. We lived for almost 20 years in Greenbelt and spent a lot of good times on the Patuxent.