Friday, August 04, 2006

My .25 yardsale buy is a museum quality item!

The top two pictures are from a display in the local Calvert Marine Museum (it's the little local museum that Jacob and I go to a lot). They recently opened a new display featuring aspects of the oyster packaging businesses that thrived in the area decades ago. Well anyways, in looking at the display I realize I have an identical oyster can at home in my kitchen! I bought it at an indoor yardsale several years ago for a quarter. I am kicking myself that I didn't buy them all. Anyhow, the two top photos are pictures I took at the museum and the bottom two are pics of the identical can in my kitchen. I added the red arrow to the top picture to point out which oyster can I have.


~Dawn said...

ok- so shoot me... why do you have this can there?
I'm going to presume you AREN'T going to eat it, correct?

Otherwise, very cool. I like Antique culture.

Chris said...

I have the can (it's empty) just as a kitchsy decoration in my kitchen, along with other tins, old lunchboxes etc. But the oyster can is the exact same one that's on display in a museum.