Saturday, August 19, 2006

Holy Crap - Yardsale Toilet Paper - and it's Charmin!

Sorry I haven't had time to blog lately - been too busy checking my email every 5 minutes waiting to hear news from either Big or Rich. So far nothing. I would have thought I'd have heard something by now, I'm sure the promoters just want to keep me in suspense til the end and then surprise me with free tickets to the Big and Rich concert on August 27. Well anyways, I thought I would take a break this morning from my email checking and go yardsaling.

This is a first for me, but I bought yardsale toilet paper! While at a Girl Scout fundraising yardsale, I bought a tote full of paper products, plasticware, aluminum foil and baggies. All for $5 and that included the tote. The papertowels are on top of the tote (they had been opened but they are clean and I will only use them to clean up spills etc. And 2 rolls of TP that were in a ziploc but not partially used or anything.


~Dawn said...

Wow! quite a deal.
Are those open rolls of tp? that would make me think twice.

Chris said...

The 3 big rolls on top are open papertowels - but I will only use them to clean up spills in the car, on kitchen floor etc. Not like I will be using them to cover food in the microwave or anything. Did also come with 2 rolls of TP in a Ziploc (but they hadn't been used). The way I see it, if you can't trust the Girl Scouts, who can you trust?