Sunday, August 21, 2005

What I did on my summer vacation

I drove to upstate NY with my 5 year old son and spent a week with my mom. Talk about excitement! We did all kinds of exciting things like going to the Senior Citizen center for the free bread distribution on Tues & Thurs. I got to take her to her eye specialist appt and to top it off, I got to clean out both garages! And I found not just one but TWO dead mice.

Seriously though, I did have a good time. I saw a Brian Wilson (old Beach Boy) concert at Saratoga Performing Arts Center. I used to see tons of concerts at Spac (including ones I wasn't crazy about since I used to usher there). The highlight of the concert was drooling over a hottie tambourine/guitarist/zylophone musician (not Brian Wilson). Luckily since I keep a pair of binoculars in my car for reading far-away yardsale signs, so I was able to see good at the concert. The tickets would have cost $35 but my sister got two free tickets thru her work. Look, I paid $0! Another highlight of the concert was seeing a super long line for the men's room (possibly a first in history!) - while the ladies room had none. The ladies room was huge - it was great, there was a never ending line of stalls.

I also got to visit with some friends, including an old high school friend who just had twins. Omigod, I wouldn't want to trade places with her - be a 42 year old with a 14 year old and twin newborns!!! Aye yi yi!

And of course went garagesaling with my mom. Two of my more unusual buys was a goofy hat ($1) and a vintage kerosene heater ($3) for resale. Some people like these vintage heaters to repaint and decorate etc.

I'll add some pictures to this entry soon. The blog editor keeps giving me error messages tonight so I will fix and do it tomorrow.

Jacob with his $1 goofy hat

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