Sunday, August 07, 2005


Last few days have been busy. On Friday my son Jacob (5 years old) had a bunch of dental work done - on baby teeth! Had to be at the hospital at 6:15 am, (he was put under general anesthesia). I am glad that is over with - he and I are leaving in a few days to visit my mom in upstate NY for about a week or so. School starts on the 23rd. I hope there are some good garage sales while I am there - I absolutely love the garage sales in my old hometown.

On Saturday I had a yardsale with a friend. I finally sold my Peg Perego stroller ($10). I bought it at a yardsale (for $20) when my son was a newborn. It was a very beautiful stroller, but it was an older model so it was bulky. The big drawback was the front wheels did not swivel - I guess it was made more for leisurely strolls down long and straight sidewalks than navigating thru the mall. I also finally sold a big remote control robot (called Emiglio) for $10. I was yardsailing with my mom when she bought it for $1 and made me take it back to Maryland with me. My son didn't really play with it so I was glad to get rid of it (and make a profit). That particular robot is pretty common, so I probably wouldn't have made more selling it on ebay, (and none of the hassles of trying to mail it).

My friend really wanted to declutter and towards the end of the yardsale, she kept telling me to take stuff. So I ended up taking an old pie tin (I have some others), a nice memoryfoam pillow and a 70's Playboy. She was embarrassed to even try to sell it, so when I told her I have the biggest porn collection of any woman I know, she made me take it. I have cases of vintage Playboys and other lesser known girlie magazines that I've bought at yardsales. I'm not into looking at naked women, but I bought them to put on ebay since "sex sells".

Oh and she even put a "free" sticker on a bookcase and no one wanted it. I'm glad, since after I looked at it, I realized it would be great for Jacob's books and computer games. So I took that too! Here's a picture - I think 99% of the stuff on the bookcase was bought at yardsales! The only thing that I know wasn't, was the Rolie Poly Ollie. And that's not even all of this books, he has a ton more.


Anonymous said...

Nice Bookshelf, nobody wanted it? Oh well i am sure Jacob likes it. Hope you have a blast in NY.

Yardsale Princess

Anonymous said...

How is Jacob doing? Is he still using an electronic device for communicating? I can't believe that he is 5 years old already -- it seems like you just had him!

haystack in mn

Sraikh said...

I enjoy reading abt your bargains!

Chris said...

Haystack - Jacob does have an electronic device but he doesn't use it at home. The school "upgraded" his device this spring but its still a few years old and not the latest and greatest (damn thing called a Dynamyte weighs 3 lbs - you would think they could come up with something like the size and weight of a blackberry or something)