Sunday, August 28, 2005

Well it's Sunday night - had a good weekend. As usual went yardsaling Saturday morning (I will post my buys tomorrow). Then in the afternoon we drove to Annapolis (about an hour away). Stopped at Trader Joe's for the $1.99 dried pineapple that I like. The primary reason we went to Annapolis was to go to a crab party bbq held by one of my husband's coworkers. And actually the guy was one of my coworkers too back when I worked at the nuke plant. He has a very nice waterfront home on the Chesapeake Bay. They have their own pier and crab pots so there were plenty of crabs to eat. When we first moved to Maryland, going to a crab feast was a new experience. A typical crab party has paper covered tables, rolls of papertowels handy (because it's messy), and a bunch of wooden mallets to whack the crabs with and of course, plenty of Old Bay seasoned crabs. Some people will sit for hours and eat crab (it's a lot of work). I ate 1 (but needed instructions - it's been a while since I ate crab). So I gave up and ate a hotdog, much easier!

Afterwards we stopped at Chuck E. Cheese so Jacob could play some games. There is a Chuck E. Cheese in Annapolis so we might as well stop there to play considering it was on the way home. (We don't have a Chuck E Cheese in our town). I have tons of free tokens from buying the specially marked packages of Koolaid Koolbursts.

Then today I took Jacob to the pool at the nuke plant. After next weekend it will be closed for the summer. So after we swim, we have a routine. We go to their fishing lake and walk around it and throw rocks. The above two pictures are pictures I took earlier this summer, you can kinda see my car in the distance in the second photo. Then we go to the McDonald's drivethru for mcnuggets and ice cream (for him, not me).

So after going thru the McD drivethru, I went to the KFC drivethru for our dinner. There was a coupon in the paper for a $11.99 8-piece meal. The coupon specifically said "Does not include a free chocolate cake". KFC has a special going on that if you buy the 8 piece meal at the regular price, you get a free cake. Well my bargain of the day was that I used the $11.99 coupon and they still gave me a free cake anyways. Just what I don't need....

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