Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I am a big reality TV addict. For the past week or so I have been watching the live feed for Big Brother. I got a free 10 day trial - at least now I know for sure I would never pay to watch it. When Julie Chen says "watch the Live Feed 24/7" - that is such bullshit. Whenever they don't want you to see something, they just focus all the cameras on the fishtank with a "Be Right Back" message. Or even if the cameras are on, the cameras can be focused on an empty room. Or the opposite - they are all together talking over each other so you can't make out what they are saying. And on top of that one of them will be washing dishes, so all you hear is the water running.

My printer is out of ink (for the first time). I went to Walmart today. If I bought all 4 cartridges at Walmart, it would cost around $60. I checked eBay and bought 8 cartridges for about $16 including shipping. Of course it's a generic brand so I hope they work. Once school starts back up, I plan on doing a lot of ebay selling, so that means I'll be printing out a lot of shipping labels.

Also at Walmart I bought a ton of glue sticks for .20/pack. My son enjoys gluing little foam shapes to construction paper. I figure it's good for his eye-hand coordination. Well anyways, after he goes to bed, I soak the construction paper in water and all the foamies come right off. So then the next day, he's ready to glue them all over again. No, I'm not that cheap that save and dry the construction paper - I have a huge stack of construction paper (bought at a yardsale for a buck a while ago).

I forgot to mention my yardsale buys from last Saturday. Not much - for some reason there weren't many yardsales nearby but my thrift was having a half priced day. I bought: .25 Salad Shooter, .25 vintage Pappy Parker Chicken House advertising doll, .25 vintage Little Sprouts doll, .25 Gund Stumpy frog plush, .25 small cast iron pan.


Anonymous said...

I love your website and your blog, personly i think you should write a book well that is all for now you will recieve a lot of commets from me later on

Yard Sale Princess

Susanc said...

You are getting bigger and better everyday. Love the new BLOG! Good luck!