Monday, August 29, 2005

Here are a few of the things I bought yardsailing last Saturday. After I took the pic I remembered a few other things I bought but forgot to include in photo. Like a brand new Rubbermaid dish drainer (.50) and a baby's bubblebee Halloween costume ($1). It kills me since I just bought a brand new dish drainer a few months ago (paid full price at Walmart) since I knew I would never find a new one at a yardsale.

Here's what I bought, some stuff to keep, some for ebay:

.10 pack of index card organizer (exactly that I needed)
.10 set of vintage ceramic spice jars
.50 each - printer cartridges
.10 package of Bic lighters
$1 brand new sealed Baby Einstein VHS
.25 each - two new bottles of Banana Boat sunscreen
.10 bottle of lavender shower gel
.25 new Glamorise bra, size 54C (I'll keep you guessing whether it's for me or ebay)
.25 each 3 books by Dave Pelzer
.10 roll of crepe streamers


Anonymous said...

You find cooler things at yard sales and thrift store then I do - it must be a gift. lol I only find junk!

Chris said...

yeah, but i bet you can actually open your closets without stuff hitting you in the head.