Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Much better day today

My son's bus schedule has been changed - thank God - to just a little over two hours a day (total) so I have calmed down.

Today was my first "big" thrift shop shopping day since June. Very hard for me to go thrifting with my son. I went to both Smile and VV. At Smile I bought the above pictured nightstand for $3. I just liked it - it does need some work - I'll probably paint it rather than refinish it. I like the way the the top had a curve and the way the legs stick out at a bit of an angle. Also at Smile I bought:

$1 each - two (new in package) Balzac toys
.50 Chutes & Ladders game
.25 package of Avery colored sticker dots (good for yardsale prices)
.25 Spongebob Squarepants book with googly eyes (original price was $7.99)
$1 bag of someone's used refridgerator magnets. There were several of the cartoon "Love is" by Kim magnets so I think they would be good for ebay since there are a people who collect "Love is" stuff
and a few bottles of Bath & Body Works stuff for either .25 or .50

Then I went to Vintage Value which has .30 prices on Wednesdays. Bought Jacob several pieces of clothing including a t-shirt with his new school's logo on it. That was a great find, considering the thrift is probably 40 miles from where his school is located. Also bought myself a .30 Target Isaac Mizhrahi shirt.

Got my tire fixed and oil changed too.

My bargain at the grocery store was for my beloved Diet Pepsi. The store had buy 10 2-liters for $5, so that is .50 each (you had to buy 10 bottles to get the sale).. There was a 10 bottle limit (I also bought 10 yesterday). So that should last me a good 20 days.

Oh I guess I forgot to mention what I bought yardsaling last Saturday. My best buy of the day was a ton of Bionicle toys at .25 each. They normally cost $7.99+ each and I probably got 30 or more of them.

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~Audi~ said...

Really Neat night stand, if your into the whimsical painting that would make a Great project... Since the begining of the year I have gotten two older wooden high chairs, each under $10. at the local Thrift stores. I've painted one care bear theme and I'm in the process of working on the other.