Saturday, July 11, 2009



Anonymous said...

WOW, sure uses a COOL cow named Cowin as their mascot :-)

I hope I win-I need a NEW from the STORE bathing suit and they are soon to be on clearance lololol

Chrisx4 cymccoy (a-t) G- mail Dot Com

Anonymous said...

Hey, is a really neat website. The idea to use Cowin as their mascot was extremely cool.

I have never commented on your website before but I read it faithfully since I too am a yard sale/thrift store/consignment store/auction fanatic and I really enjoy seeing what kind of stuff other people find in their part of the country.

A Wal-mart gift card would be nice. There ARE a few things that you just don't need to buy at yard sales! But only a few!

PocketChange said... is a neat site. I like the site's mascot, Cowvin, but how did he get his name? And, I really like the site's 'Find of the Week'! Have you ever had a 'find of the week', well, since you're the YardSaleQueen? I've bookmarked the site for future reference - thanks!

Diana said... uses Cowvin.

By the way, I love your sense of humor and look forward to reading your posts every week! You're hilarious!

svelteSTUFF said...

Could it be... that uses a COOL cow named Cowin as their mascot?!
YEH! I got the right answer!!

Sign me up for the contest - THANKS CHRIS (and COWIN)!

Shara said... uses a COOL cow named Cowvin as their mascot.

Thank you Oh Mighty Queen...and Cowvin! said... uses a mascot called CowVin the Cow. Chris, I love your website and read several times daily but hardly post. Keep up the excellent work!

Dana said...

Thanks for letting us know about It looks like a great site! I love the mascot! Cowin is a cutie:)

I would love to enter the giveaway!
With three teenagers at home, any help with food is a blessing ;)



frugalfrog said... is a very cool website that can be very useful when out garage-saling.

oliveoyl64 said...

Mooooooove over ladies, this giveaway from and Cowvin is mine. :)

Thanks Queen and Cowvin.

M.E. said... uses Cowvin as their mascot.
Thanks for a great giveaway! Enter me, thanks!!

Anonymous said... uses a mascot called CowVin the Cow.

mbrown128 said...

What a cool website is and Cowin is a cute mascot.

Anonymous said...

Geez, how easy can you make this? lol uses a COW!
Love your site and am a die-hard yard saler, thrift shopper, eBayer, also !
You- go- girl! Love the blog!

Anonymous said... has a cute bovine, Cowin as their mascot!

haystack (at)

in2toys said...

I was looking for a new garage sale finder website and then there's your great post on you blog.

Win or lose at the drawing, I won by saving in my favorites. They use Cowvin the Cow as their mascot. Great timing!

Jenndiggy said...

Cowin is from

jenndiggy at gmail dot com

Courtney said...

I will be sure to check out the one that uses a cow for the mascot! Ha! I love it!

susan said... is a great site! Cowin is the mascot!

Jamie said...

I had never head of or Cowvin before! Thanks for pointing me to it.

(braunwen AT verizon DOT net)

Anonymous said...

I'm in for the contest. I'm addicted to you now YSQ - and the cow's name is Cowvin on

Anonymous said...

you have shown me a new light with the web site. i could buy a new lamp shade with this gift card. i am telling all my girls about this.

Misty said...

I would say the handsome Cowvin belongs to Thanks &!

Anonymous said...

Cowvin belongs to

I hope I win!!!!!

dianneseavers said... uses Cowvin as their mascot. Hope I win.


Anonymous said...

i think has mascot named cowvin!

please enter me in your giveaway.

great host, great giveaway!

lunalissa at aol dot com.

Anonymous said... uses a COOL cow named Cowin as their mascot and he is an awesome cow

Kimberly said...

I'm going to say...... uses Cowin as their Mascot :) and a fine mascot he is :)

mygoodcents AT cox DOT net

snowflakesoneyelashes said...

Dang, this is a hard one, I am just going to take a wild guess and say that uses Cowin as their mascot.

OH, if I win I could buys lots off the discount bakery rack at the Lexington Park Super-Walmart (they are pretty sneaky to wheel it far away from the bakery, back by the dairy section)

Anonymous said...

Cowin is a cool cow mascot for
I am always amazed at your garage sale finds and look forward to your posts. Thanks for the contest.Amy

~Violet~ said...

Cowvin is the cutest mascot for, I love him!

I love seeing all your wonderful treasures! I love finding a good makes me have an adrenaline rush, you know..sweaty palms, rapid heart beat, etc.

A $25 "Wal-Marts" card (as my mom calls it) would be wonderful.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow i am so excited to have visited and found this cool website called they have the cutest little cow Mascot named Cowin that my kids got a kick out of seeing!

I sure hope I win I am umeployed and struggling and that gift card will surely come in handy for me and my kids!

R. Sampson

Buckarooandco said...

Cowvin the cow is on!! It's a really cute idea, I would love to shake cowvin's hoof...

(Disqualify everyone who spelled his name

laurie aka Bucky on your board...

Anonymous said...

COWVIN is the mascot cow for

Thanks for the great site- love your finds!

Anonymous said...

Cowvin the Cow is the mascot of . I checked out their site and was impressed that they had quite a few sales listed in my area.

Thanks for the chance to win!


dpjc80004 AT yahoo DotCom

Paula said...

It's! Woo Hoo! I hope I win :)

RESALE by GAIL said... is really KEWL! I hope I win!

Zakary said... uses a COOL cow named Cowvin!

That's a pretty cool site too.

I would use the gift card for potting soil!

Cassie said... is super cool! They have the neatest mascot named Cowin :)

Angelika said...

Isn't Cowin the cow just too cute? I think he's the perfect mascot for Lol.

But seriously, I love cows, haha I have random cow stuff all around my room.

Angelika said...

Oh, I forgot my email adress!

las21202 said... sure uses a COOL cow named Cowin as their mascot.

las21202 said...

oh email leigh_snyder at yahoo for las 21202.