Saturday, July 11, 2009

Big Lots Bargains (and more)

I know I said I would post my Big Lots bargains yesterday, but I was too wiped out last night. Spent a good portion of the day at a sorta-nearby waterpark with Jacob's summer camp. And while I still managed to buy some bargains during the day (stopped at a thrift that is near the waterpark beforehand and also found a super-rare Friday afternoon yardsale (it was held from 3pm-7pm). I was able to go to the waterpark as a "parent volunteer" so I didn't have to pay admission which is good.

This is what I bought at the thrift and yardsale:

$1 squirrel deterrent thing for birdfeeders (I know they don't really work, but it does help keep the birdseed dry when it rains or snows) and it was new, so it was clean.
$1 each, two really cool dinosaur pop-up books
$2.50 - walmart brand suitcase
.50 Maryland cookbook
.25 vintage Bert & Ernie colorforms

And here is what I bought at Big Lots the other day - they had some sort of close-out from some hardware store. So I bought a bunch of things I know I can use, coat hooks, other hooks, bi-fold door knobs, velcro, etc etc. Although my DH has is own workbench in the garage with tools etc, I've found it much easier to just have my own toolbox etc. I hate trying to find stuff in his part of the garage. Most expensive thing was the bi-fold door knobs since the price on the package was $7.96 - so with 90% off, it was .79 The spare bedroom closet has bi-fold doors and it has the original cheesy door knobs from 1990. Total spent for all, with tax: $2.63

And since today was Saturday, I may have bought a thing or two or 100 this morning. Will post tomorrow.


Jamie said...

Awesome finds!! How I miss ColorForms!

Our Big Lots was selling auth Crocs for $12. I was stoked to see that, though they didn't have any in sizes that we needed.

Zakary said...

I was just about to ask if you paid full price on admission! We only do stuff like that if we have a coupon or a buy one, get one.

The Big Lots here SUCKS. Bad.

Chris at said...

Zakary - yes, I was a parent volunteer but the only kid I was watching was my own. The camp counselors were totally ok with that since it was one less kid they had to watch.

I think I am training Jacob good - when I asked him if he wanted a popsicle from the snack bar, he said "no, I don't want a popsicle. We have popsicles at home" That's my boy!

Kammy said...

Great buys at the yard sale ! Always nice to have another suitcase. Love your buys at Big Lots ! Extra hooks and such come in
handy !
Hugs ~ Kammy