Monday, July 20, 2009

I hate painting

We've been here at the castle for 19 years now and I vividly remember moving in and telling my DH "It would be stupid to re-paint right away, let's just stay with the builder's grade antique white for a while - after all, it was just painted." Well 19 years later, I finally got around to painting the spare bedroom today. And yes, there are still rooms in the house with builder's grade antique white on the walls.

Today I even found a couple pieces of fossilized dry cat food stashed away in a corner, presumably from a long dead mouse. Didn't know I had a cat? I don't. Rudy died around 1996 or so. And he wasn't the best mouse hunter. My housekeeping skills have been a little lacking ever since the invention of the internet coupled with my yardsaling addiction.

Will add some pics tomorrow to this post. I'm beat tired. Gotta remember this feeling when I think "wouldn't it be nice to have a bigger house with 9' ceilings etc? Gotta remember that. Too much work to keep up and paint.

p.s. the reason for the painting is not because I wanted to, it's because we are having out-of-town guests in August and again in September so I figured it was time to paint the spare room and clean up any decades old cat food that may be laying around and any other surprises.


After (YES this is an AFTER photo - haha. And no, those old lady SAS shoes aren't for me. They are for ebay)


Anonymous said...

What color did you paint the spare bedroom? Chris, we would never attempt to paint a room as you said its just too much work. Why didn't you hire someone to do it and the rest of the house? (Look whose talking: my husband refuses to paint and won't hire anyone either/doesn't want to put any $ in the house. He is ridiculous.

Chris at said...

The answer is simple: cuz of my stuff!!!!! If I hired someone to do it, I would want it done right - move out all the furniture, move the bed away from the wall so they could do ALL the baseboards etc.

When I do it myself, I can deal with the clutter without DH getting involved. (I did behind the headboard of the spare bed, but didn't get down to the baseboard. that would have involved too much work to move the bed - and all the stuff that is underneath it, in order to get to the baseboard.

It's a beige-y color. will add some pics to this post later.

Zakary said...

Looking at all that STUFF makes me hypervenilate and break out my Glad Bags and drive it to Goodwill!

Where I'm sure you would just buy it all again!

(My mom did that with some of her treasures that I donated. True story.)

P.S. I like the color!

Anonymous said...

You haven't cleaned the room in decades? oh my goodness. I think you have a little addiction problem too!