Wednesday, July 08, 2009

And the Bloggy Giveaway Winner is....

the winner of the Garage Sale America book by Bruce Littlefield is Donna of Warrenton, VA (number 6 was chosen by I emailed her this morning and got her info and the book will be in the mail to her shortly. Her response to finding out she was the winner was and I quote "That's great. I can't wait to get the book! I love your blog. Your sense of humor is great." So it is obvious that she is a woman of impeccable tastes.

However if you didn't win this book, do not despair....I still have ONE more copy of the book to give away, which I will do later this month in a new posting. And before that I am working on another bloggy giveaway soon and it will be courtesy of Garage Sale Cow - and I promise it does not involved any cow pies.

Last night I worked the 38 Special and Styx concert. I got there early so I was able to take full advantage of the free dinner offered to volunteers. Which means I got my shrimp roll. Plus a hamburger. And of course my diet pepsi. Our beer/wine/soda truck was super busy. At one point in the night when I was making change, I spotted a "small head" Alexander Hamilton $10 bill so I "saved" it and replaced it with one of my own. Lately, I've been noticing that all the bills (except for 1's of course) are the new style and the old style is getting very hard to find.

I liked 38 Special more than Styx (even tho Styx was the headliner.) Styx pulled the plug on having a photo line - so that loses points in my book. And I heard a 38 Special song that I liked that I never knew they sang. Of course now I can't remember it, but its a song I heard a million times on the radio, I just never knew they did it.

Will have to go thru my pics/videos and see if any are worth adding to this blog entry (too busy today, maybe tomorrow). I bought a few things today at Smile, will post about my buys tomorrow.

p.s. Hope you are having a Happy 07/08/09.

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