Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week in Review - Thrift Store Artwork

Haven't blogged much this week so I will fill you in on stuff I did this week. On Wednesday I went back to the waterpark as a parent volunteer for Jacob's summer day camp. The group left the water park at 2:30 so I had some time to kill before I picked him up at 4pm.

So...I went to the nearby faux-casino. I figured why not, they give out free diet pepsi and I was thirsty. (But I am always thirsty for a diet-pepsi). I figured I would put $5 in the Lucky Dawg machine (in honor of the Whiskey Dog) and see what happened. Yep, I won big. Here is my receipt, I walked away $1.10 richer and had my thirst temporarily quenched for free.

I went to Smile a few times this week. I bought this cross-stitch thing for .50 Can you imagine doing all that work and it only selling for .50? Maybe I'll put it on ebay, it's really not my style.

And for $2, I bought this framed artwork. I may keep it. Someone paid a lot of money to have it professionally framed. The mark on the front is just lighting glare.

I went to a moving sale on Friday. The sale was down a long gravel driveway that I never knew existed. The seller is moving to Indiana with 11 horses. I can't even imagine doing that.

Whenever I'm irritated by my neighbors, I think wouldn't it be nice to live like this out in the country but then reality hits and I realize how much I would hate having to drive Jacob down the driveway to catch the school bus or to get the mail etc. And I bet they can't get high-speed internet without paying the cable company big bucks to lay a cable to their house.

The work of cleaning my house is still underway. I haven't put up the spare bedroom curtains yet, so after I do, I will do a post about my spare bedroom makeover. And wanna know what the kicker is? I did all this work, my DH went into the bedroom and didn't notice a thing. I wonder how long it will take him to realize I painted the room.

And ta-da, here is a picture of my new and improved under-the-bed storage. Pretty impressive, isn't it.

During cleaning, I came across this yardsale buy from a few years back. A bunch of empty Easy Bake Oven cake mix boxes from the 70's. I think they are neat. I took a picture of only about half of them.

Yardsales today were great. Well some were just so-so. But I hit a few that were awesome. Will post my yardsale buys from today within a few days.


Elizabeth said...

I like the cross-stich picture! I'll give ya $0.50 back for it ;) I HATE cigarette smoke and do not allow anyone to smoke in my house, so that would be so cute to hang near the front door so my guest (even though they already know) will get the message.

What name do you use on e-bay?

Chris at said...

Elizabeth, my ebay ID is (i was lucky enough to use that name as my ID before they stopped allowing users to have a .com in their ID)

Someone else recently asked about my ID too, so I put a link over there on the left.

Right now I only have one thing listed. I am going to take a little ebay break for a while soon and be back listing stuff hopefully in Mid-August.

Kammy said...

Great finds !
I so so loved your pictures of the easy cakes..I think those were the ones that came with a little pan and you mixed it and baked it in the same. My grandmother bought those and I remember being about 10 years old and making them by myself....what great memories - thanks !!!!
Hugs ~ Kammy

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! I'll be looking for you and your items soon :) I've never bought anything from e-bay so you might just be the one to break me in, lol