Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Whiskey gets around....

I am starting to get an inferiority complex. I think my dog is more popular than me in my neighborhood. These two incidents happened within the past week.

On Saturday I am leaving a yardsale (of course am wearing a fanny pack so I often get mistaken by other buyers as being the seller) and I pass another shopper in the driveway and she says "So...is this where Whiskey lives?" I don't know how she knows Whiskey - but she is a woman who routinely walks in the neighborhood.

Then today I was opening up an account at a different bank and when talking to the bank employee we realized we only live one street apart. And she says "Is your dog named Whiskey?" Her street is on the route that Whiskey takes when he happens to get out and goes visiting his other family. Lately he has been good and hasn't escaped.

You would think with all that grocery shopping I did last week, I would be set for a while. No. Somehow I've managed to go to my other grocery stores both yesterday and today.

I did get a good deal on a haircut yesterday. A new hair place opened up (a franchise - Great Clips) and they are advertising $2.99 haircuts (for the first two weeks they are open). So my curiousity and thriftiness led me to see how good a $2.99 haircut would be. And actually I am pretty impressed and will go back to the woman who cut my hair. Don't worry, I did leave a nice tip. 15% of 2.99 is .45 so I'm thinking a .50 tip is pretty darn generous. Right??? Just kidding.

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Nilz said...

Oh! I sounds so cute. I believe with Whiskey - you can make more friends than you could have done without your loving dog.