Monday, August 18, 2008

Went to Baltimore today with Jacob

And the Inner Harbor and the Aquarium were mobbed with Red Sox people in town to attend tonight's game at Camden Yards. So....the aquarium was crowded and I had to look at all those stupid Red Sox shirts. I mean really, why would a team have clothes as a mascot? What's next - the Beige Girdles? Well at least maybe those Red Sox people ate and drank and spent a lot of money when they were here. But I just think how nice it would have been without all of them clogging up my Aquarium. (I don't need to hear from any Red Sox people - I have family members who are fans, so I will just complain and debate further with them personally - haha).

Today was my final trip to the Aquarium for a long time. One last little trip for Jacob before school starts. In June of 2007, we bought a family membership (it was a special deal - so it was good for 15 months, not just 12) for about $100. You just needed to use it twice in that timeframe to make it worthwhile. If Jacob and I paid today - we would have had to spend $40.95 just for today ($25.95 for me and $14.95 for Jacob) and wait in a long line with the masses. There is a special entrance just for members. I know I took him there twice by myself, and we went at least 2 or 3 times as a family (both Jacob and DH too). And I went there with my sister and her family in April. So we definitely got our money's worth. The pass expires at the end of the month.

Each time, we've gone to the dolphin show - which is basically the same every time. But today was different. One of the dolphins had a baby last month so before the show started they asked everyone to remain quiet for the entire show so the mother and baby could bond back in the back pool. No clapping. It definitely made for a different experience.

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