Friday, August 01, 2008

I feel so Martha Stewarty

I now own a Kitchenaid mixer. I've always sorta regretted passing one up at a yardsale a few years back - it was practically brand new and it was red. The owner changed her mind and wanted a black one instead and was selling it for $125. Anyhow, now I have a vintage avocado green one and it was only $8. It needs some detailing, but I think it will clean up nicely.

Here's a pic of some of my buys from last Saturday's yardsales. The pink Mary Kay phone ($3) will go up on ebay eventually. So will the vintage Yamaha amplifier ($5) in a wooden case. Also bought this Motley Crue picture album for $3

Tonight I took Jacob to a new local art gallery. It just opened in May but we haven't been to it - since they charge admission. But tonight they were having a "free Friday" event, so there was no charge.

He finished up summer camp so there goes my almost daily shopping trips to Giant (grocery store) and Walgreens. After dropping him off at the school, I got in the habit of stopping at both places to check out what was *new* on clearance. My Walgreens seems to clearance a lot of stuff which I think is pretty strange for a store that's only been opened a short while. I plan on visiting family and friends in New York during August. So I will check out the Walgreens near my sister's house to see if her's is like mine as far as clearance goes.


investorgirl said...

Good find on the Kitchenaid! I love mine, and use it every chance I get. Of course, I pain $170 for it.

W said...

nice deal on the kitchenaid mixer! There are a few pics of some on amazon that were custom painted in a car detail shop. :) Know anyone in the car detailing business? You could have the hottest mixer on the block.

DesignerHER Momma said...

hello! you scored huge!!!!!! vintage kitchenaid mixer? you are the yardsale god!

Elizabeth said...

I just love the Kitchenaid mixer, what a fabulous find. I'd kove to own one but that is the sort of thing that I'd NEVER find at a charity (thrift) shop here in the UK. Or if I did they'd want something ridiculous like £100 ($200) for it!