Thursday, August 14, 2008

JC Penneys deal (and where to find coupons)

Over there in the talkbox to the left someone asked where to find coupons. Well a lot of coupons come right in your mailbox - and they just get thrown out.

While I was in NY, in the mail I got two JC Penney ads/flyers. One had a coupon to save $10 off a $10 purchase and the other had a coupon to save $10 off a $25 purchase.

On our JC Penney receipts, there is a blurb to save 15% off your next purchase by filling out the survey at - so I always do that when I get a receipt. So at Penneys yesterday, I had my 15% off coupon AND my two coupons from the mail.

With my $10 coupon I bought a pair of PJ's for myself (normally $30, clearance $7.49) and for Jacob I got a package of 10 pairs of socks (original price $10.99, clearance $4.99) for a grand total of $2.63

My DH found a pair of pants he wanted for work - originally $60 - on sale for $30. So he used the $10 off $25 coupon PLUS the 15% off coupon for a total (with tax) of $16.42

As far as food coupons, I subscribe to several newspapers (I actually like to read the newspaper). Then if I see a coupon in Sunday's paper that I know I can use more of, I see how much they are going for on ebay. Every week there are ebay sellers who have the coupons listed. There was a recent coupon for .40 off a French's potato sticks (which Jacob likes). They are .99 for a small can at my grocery store (which doubles coupons). So for $1.94 (including shipping) - I got twenty .40 coupons. So instead of paying .99 a can at the grocery store, after the store doubles the coupons, they will only be .19 a can. And my grocery store (Giant) just sent me out a flyer which is good for the next 4 weeks. Each week I have a coupon to save 5% off my total purchase along with a coupon for a "free" item of the week. Yesterday I got a free half gallon of Edy's ice cream. Next week I'll get a free Hellman's mayonnaise or something.

I know I'm not saving a ton of money doing that, but I do save. That was just one example. There are also websites full of couponers who are always looking to sell or trade their excess coupons. One that comes to mind is Refund Sweepers

For coupons for dining out etc, I always sign up for email newsletters at the chain restaurants we eat at. Red Robin sends out a email coupon for a free hamburger on your birthday and so on.

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egg said...

you are amazing! i gotta be more organized like you.